Nordic Dummy Award 2018

By Allette Ngo Omam Sørensen


The Nordic Dummy Award is an unique annual prize established to present new photographic trends within the Nordic countries, by publishing the award-winner’s photo book and aiming to stimulate new photographic productions from within the field. The Nordic Dummy Award endeavours to do so by giving books a suitable space as an independent platform of artistic expression, and was initiated in 2012 by Fotogalleriet (Oslo) and The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers.

The nine shortlisted dummies are now on tour, and you can see them at Fotografisk Center until March 3, 2019. Come by and take a look before departure!




Øystein Agerlie — Encyclopedia of Man

Agerlie was born in Norway, 1981. He lives and works in Oslo (NO).


Celeste Knirte Arnstedt & Peter Wessel Eid — Olivenbjerget

Arnstedt was born in Denmark, 1995. She lives and works in Copenhagen (DK).

Wessel was born in Norway, 1995. He lives and works in Copenhagen (DK).


Theo Elias — Smoke

Elias was born in Sweden, 1985. He lives and works in Stockholm (SE).


Anna Hyvärinen — Lost Identity

Hyvärinen was born in Finland, 1980. She lives and works in Copenhagen (DK).


Ole Nesset — Unburdened Migration

Nesset was born in Norway, 1994. He lives and works in Gothenburg (SE).


Steffen Kloster Poulsen — 6 not taken // You Deserve Hell

Kloster Poulsen was born in Denmark, 1990. He lives and woks in Copenhagen (DK) and Tokyo (JP).


Matilde Søes Rasmussen — Uprofessionel [Unprofessional]

Rasmussen was born in Denmark, 1990. She lives and works in Gothenburg (SE).


Tina Umer — Danish Mountains

Umer was born in Slovenia, 1991. She lives and works in Gothenburg (SE).


August Eriksson — Kaihogyo

Eriksson was born in Sweden, 1971. He lives and works in Stockholm (SE).


The winner of the Nordic Dummy Award 2018 will be announced at the Reykjavik Museum of Photography (IS) in March 2019. The winning dummy will then be published by Kehrer Verlag in summer 2019.


The Nordic Dummy Award 2018 tour dates


Landskrona Foto Festival (SE) 15-23.09.2018

Fotobok Gbg, Göteborg (SE) 28-29.09.2018

Photobook Week Aarhus / Galleri Image, Aarhus (DK) 04-07.10.2018

Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki (FI) 15-28.10.2018

Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu (FI) 05-18.11.2018

Centrum för fotografi, Stockholm (SE) 26.11-16.12.2018

Tromsø Kunstforening (NO) 18-20.01.2019

Galleri Format, Malmö (SE) 28.01-10.02.2019

Fotografisk Center, København (DK) 19.02-03.03.2019

Reykjavik Museum of Photography (IS) 16-26.03.2019  WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

Kristiansand Kunsthall (NO) / Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen (NO) 08-21.04.2019

Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen (NO) 29.04-12.05.2015




All photos by Allette Ngo Omam Sørensen


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